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Tablet Academy Training 15/02/2021

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Training Videos

jqt-jwhb-sqj (2020-11-09 at 05:10 GMT-8)

Pupil Feedback

Dougie Scott at Balfron High School provided training on how to give feedback to pupils via a variety of methods on Google Classroom.

Guardian Summaries

This is a video for parents/carers and pupils

on how to use Guardian Summaries.

Google Drive Training (2020-11-26 at 07:17 GMT-8)

Google Drive

Lucy Page provided a training session that demonstrates the basics of Google Drive. Regardless if you are a beginner or advanced user, this is worth a watch!

Pear Deck CPD (2020-12-09 at 07:34 GMT-8)

Pear Deck

Ross Knight demonstrates how to use Pear Deck effectively in the classroom. A must have addon for interactive lessons.

How to videos

Setting up Google Chrome.mp4

Setting Up Google Chrome

Sara Porter

How to create a Rubric in Google Classroom.mp4

How to create a Rubric in Google Classroom

Lucy Page

Feedback with Qwiqr.mp4

Feedback with Qwiqr

Emma Blackstock

Google Forms - Answer key and lock chromebooks.mp4

Google Forms - Using Answer Key and Lock Chromebook

Danny Smith

A Trailer on what you can do with Canva

Laura McCormick

How to make a poster with Canva

Laura McCormick