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Staff Training Video Series

On this page you will find several playlists which guide you through the Google Workspace tools. Each playlist includes a series of short videos which directly address each skill identified in the Stirling Digital Learning Progress review. If you have not updated the review in the last 12 months, please use the appropriate form below to do so when you have time.

The data gathered in this review will help establishments ensure appropriate digital support is available.

Early Years



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Google Drive

Playlist Contents:

  1. Finding & opening your Google drive

  2. Uploading a file or folder from your computer to Drive

  3. Opening & editing a document in Drive

  4. Creating a new file e.g. Docs or Slides in Drive

  5. Creating and managing folders

  6. Add a collaborator to a file

  7. Finding a file which was shared with me through Google Drive

  8. Changing/removing the sharing permissions of a file you shared

  9. Adding or moving files to a shared drive

  10. Creating a "workspace" to organise groups of files

  11. Creating shortcuts to access a file/folder from different locations

  12. Creating & Sharing a Jamboard (online interactive whiteboard) with a class

  13. Exploring the version history of docs, slides etc.

Google Classroom

Playlist Contents:

  1. Finding & opening Google Classroom

  2. Creating a new class

  3. Adding a co-teacher

  4. Adding pupils to the classroom

  5. Posting reference materials in your classroom

  6. Posting assignments in your classroom

  7. Reusing assignments from another class

  8. Posting an assignment to a specific pupil or group

  9. Attaching files to assignments (view only, edit or copy for each pupil)

  10. Finding assignments pupils have turned in

  11. Grading and returning assignments

  12. Leaving individual and whole class comments

  13. Creating and using a comment bank for feedback

  14. Creating & using Rubrics for grading

  15. Archiving and retrieving old classrooms

  16. Using the classroom originality report

Google Docs

Playlist Contents:

  1. Formatting text

  2. Adding & modifying table

  3. Changing page size & orientation

  4. Inserting a diagram using Drawings

  5. Inserting a picture

  6. Using headers and footers

  7. Using the document outlines features

  8. Adding suggestions/comments to documents

  9. Using the voice typing tool

  10. Downloading doc in a different format e.g. PDF

Google Slides

Playlist Contents:

  1. Adding/duplicating slides and applying layout

  2. Editing appearance & formatting of slides

  3. Controlling transitions and animations

  4. Downloading a slide(s) as a PDF or an image file

  5. Changing the size of the slides to A4 size

  6. Inserting items e.g. audio/video to slides

Google Sheets

Playlist Contents:

  1. Selecting, adding & removing cells, columns & rows

  2. Formatting cells: type, size, outlines, text, colours etc.

  3. Basic formulas e.g. add, subtract, multiply

  4. Basic functions e.g. SUM, AVERAGE, MAX, MIN

  5. Creating charts and graphs to visualise data

  6. Using pivot tables to analyse data

Google Forms

Playlist Contents:

  1. Creating a form with appropriate question types

  2. Finding and reviewing responses to a form

  3. Turning a form into a quiz & controlling marks

  4. Setting forms/quizzes as Classroom assignments

  5. Marking a forms quiz

  6. Adding feedback to a forms quiz

  7. Importing marks from a form into Classroom

  8. Linking the form data to Google Sheets

Google Meet

Playlist Contents:

  1. Scheduling & inviting others to a Meet you created

  2. Starting a Meet through Google Classroom

  3. Sharing your computer screen in Meet

  4. Recording a Meet

  5. Finding & sharing Meet recordings with pupils

Tablet Academy Training 15/02/2021

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