Sharing Practice

Using Google Jamboard

By Tom Ambrose

Using Qwiqr for Feedback

By Ross Knight

Transition from P7 to S1

By Amy Murney

Minecraft is now available for pupils to download on their Chromebooks

Pear Deck for Google Slides is available to install from the Google Marketplace

Nod Chrome Extension allows pupils' to interact with other attendees without having camera or audio on

Training Videos

jqt-jwhb-sqj (2020-11-09 at 05:10 GMT-8)

Pupil Feedback

Dougie Scott at Balfron High School provided training on how to give feedback to pupils via a variety of methods on Google Classroom.

Guardian Summaries

This is a video for parents/carers and pupils

on how to use Guardian Summaries.

Google Drive Training (2020-11-26 at 07:17 GMT-8)

Google Drive

Lucy Page provided a training session that demonstrates the basics of Google Drive. Regardless if you are a beginner or advanced user, this is worth a watch!

Pear Deck CPD (2020-12-09 at 07:34 GMT-8)

Pear Deck

Ross Knight demonstrates how to use Pear Deck effectively in the classroom. A must have addon for interactive lessons.

How to videos

Setting up Google Chrome.mp4

Setting Up Google Chrome

Sara Porter

How to create a Rubric in Google Classroom.mp4

How to create a Rubric in Google Classroom

Lucy Page

Feedback with Qwiqr.mp4

Feedback with Qwiqr

Emma Blackstock

Google Forms - Answer key and lock chromebooks.mp4

Google Forms - Using Answer Key and Lock Chromebook

Danny Smith

A Trailer on what you can do with Canva

Laura McCormick

How to make a poster with Canva

Laura McCormick