This page should be used as a guide and things to consider when your school is considering planting trees.

Questions to consider when planting trees:

1. Underground and overhead utilities (gas, electric, water, drainage, phone) as Alison highlighted.

2. Ensuring far enough away not to cause building damage or interference (e’g’ root damage to foundations/walls, leaves choking gutters

3. Possible areas where classroom extensions are planned

4. Avoiding trees with shallow roots that may disrupt/damage hard surfaces

5. Consideration of neighbours properties (light/view/avoid future overhanging their boundaries)

6. Avoiding interference with grass cutting operations

7. Ensuring sufficient school space for PE and play is preserved

8. Consideration of premises managers costs for ongoing maintenance, cutting hedges, future inspections, thinning and any arbore works

9. Ensuring appropriate species are sought (avoid poisonous berries, thorny barbs etc)

10. Understanding ultimate size trees shall grow to

NOTE: If you are considering planting trees at your school, you must contact Alison Nelson from Roads and Land Services. Alison will ask you to fill in a quick form and perform the necessary checks on the public utilities website.


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