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Information, advice and guidance on education supports, best practice and multi-agency work to support Stirling's Looked After Children.

Strategies and resources to support learners with dyslexia, visual impairment, hearing impairment and more on Chromebook, iPad, Windows and Android devices.

Elish shares her love of maths in a videocall

World Class Athlete Eilish McColgan visits McLaren Learning Community

Active Schools Coordinator organised a special online questions and answer session with Eilish McColgan and pupils of the McLaren Learning Community as part of Maths Week Scotland.

Elish shares her love of


National recognition for Gartmore Primary - Learning for Sustainability

0332_Gartmore sketchnote - F Buchanan.pdf

Effective use of the school environment and surrounding area to develop learning for sustainability at Gartmore Primary

Gartmore Primary was inspected by HMIe in April 2019. During that inspection the work that was being done on Learning for Sustainability was highlighted as being worthy of sharing as good practice. A sketchnote was created shortly afterwards by Education Scotland but wasn't published at the time due to Covid. Since returning in August 2020, a recovery sketchnote has created to sit alongside the original sketchnote and the HT blog.

0332_Gartmore_blog - F Buchanan.pdf
0332_Gartmore_Primary_Recovery - F Buchanan.pdf
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