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Maths Week Scotland aims:

  • to get pupils thinking about how math's is used in the real world

  • linking work in the classroom to the real world situations

CRIS Mentor Programme

The CRIS mentor programme is designed to build confidence and to develop understanding of a number of issues related to cyber resilience and internet safety in the teacher community across Scotland.

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STEM Glasgow

Dumfries and Galloway


STEM Resources for ASN

Pupil Zones

Early Years


STEM with Mrs Hamilton
A set of 10 lessons to investigate STEM

Suitable for P4 - S2 learners

*based on British Science Week 2020 Resources

Global Goals for First level

Digital Learning and Online Resources


The Scottish Schools Education Research Centre, supports staff CLPL as well as providing Health and Safety updates for all aspects of STEM practical work

Education Scotland

Extensive resources and access to documents related to all STEM subjects

STEM Nation Award

Documents to support the delivery of the STEM Nation Award, including examples of good practice which includes two education settings from Stirling.

Useful Websites


STEM Learning


STEM Ambassadors East

Outdoor Learning




Career Support