Build a Micro Pet

(All ages - it is just fun)

Step Counter (Pedometer)

(All ages - keep fit)

Weather Station Hack

(P7 - S6 Let the Geek out)

Fishing Nets

All ages - Save the Fish

Using Scratch and Microbit...

Do you know that you can program your new Microbit with your favourite programming environment, SCRATCH!!

do your :bit challenge

How to take part...

The do your :bit competition asks students across the world aged 8-18 years old to come up with creative tech solutions that work towards the UN’s Global Goals.

There are three different categories.

Read more and take part

Microbit Classroom

Create a collaborative classroom

Bring your students together in a single place, review all students’ work live, download a class, report of work completed, pause student work and save to resume for a later class.