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Learning for Sustainability Awards - Congratulations


Stirling Council schools were well represented in the LfS Awards this year! This demonstrates what we already knew... amazing things are happening in our schools. The effort that staff, pupils, parents and community partners are making to improve the learning experience of our young people is phenomenal.

Well done everyone.

We hope to showcase these schools to build a collaborative network to help support everyone.

#excitingtimesinstirling #beyondcop26





Watch this video to find out how the four schools from our authority were successful in LfS Awards.

Welcome to SPEC

SPEC stands for Stirling's Platform for Education and Community.

There are hub areas for nursery, primary, secondary and youth. Each hub has separate areas for learners, parents and staff. There are also specialist hubs for Digital Learning and ASN.

Also, check out our Inspire section where you'll find learning inspiration around different themes and topics.

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New to SPEC

How has Digital Technology had a positive impact in your classroom/school?

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Information, resources and activities for learners, families and educators are a click away.

Our learning hubs

Photo of two young nursery learners playing together at a sand pit and wearing coloured plastic aprons

In the Nursery Hub you will find activities and tips for younger pre-school learners


Photograph of Primary-aged girl with blonde hair smiling and wearing a blue checked summer school dress

In the Primary Hub you will find activities and ideas for learners, parents and staff


Close-up image of secondary-aged male learner wearing school uniform and looking into a microscope

Here you will find activities, study tips and ideas for secondary learners, parents and staff


Group of youth aged young people looking happy and wearing colourful clothes

Our Youth Hub has advice, opportunities and useful links for 16+ learners.


In the ASN Hub you will find activities and ideas for learners, parents and staff


Group of 3 primary school children sitting at a table using laptops

In the Digital Hub you will find ideas and support for learners, parents and staff


Inspire Hub

In the Inspire Hub you will find videos and Inspire experiences. Videos are embedded YouTube clips around different themes and topics that will interest learners from P4-adult. Inspire experiences are more detailed learning topic pages on e.g. Space, Climate Change and more coming soon...


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