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Picture of happy boy and girl using a laptop computer.  Links to Assistive Technology site.

Information on ways to support learners with reading and writing difficulties, disabilities and visual impairments to access digital learning on Chromebooks, iPads, Windows 10 and Android devices.

Digital Accessibility

Accessibility features for diverse learners using Chromebooks

Parent Support - Digital Learning for Mhairi.docx

General Guide to GSuite

Aberdeen City Council have created and shared a general guide for parents on how to use G Suite.

Youtube Learning Channel

YouTube have created a channel that is dedicated to providing learning resources for a variety of different subjects.


Parentzone provides advice and resources for to help and support with home learning.

Chromebook tips

Splitting the screen on a chromebook using the keys   Ctrl and ]

Access Google Classroom from smart TVs and gaming consoles

A solution to accessing Google Classroom is to use Smart TVs and game consoles (Xbox/PS4 etc.) as alternative devices. 

Consoles and Smart TVs have in-built internet browsers and they can be used to access Google Classroom. Attaching a keyboard and mouse to a Smart TV or console does a reasonable job of replicating a laptop etc. You can access and interact with Google Classroom, see files in Drive and access Gmail. Editing documents does not appear to be possible at this time. 

Many households may have a smart TV or console and these devices allow another way for children to access their remote learning.