Helpful Videos

Playstation and Xbox

Access Google Classroom on PS4

Access Google Classroom on Xbox

You can use your console to access most Virtual Learning Environments such as Google Classroom and GLOW.



G Suite

Get the best out of Google Classroom

Using Google Hangouts/Meet with your class

Useful apps for distance/blended learning

Google Slides for Teaching

Extend Learning with Google Sites

Tracking and Monitoring with Google Sheets


Seesaw for remote learning

Assignments in Seesaw

Getting started with Seesaw

Dig a little deeper with Seesaw


McLaren - Canva Trailer

How to make a poster with Canva

Chrome Extensions

Mote - Audio feedback tool

Screen Recorder - Record your screen for free (great quality)

Google Keep - note taking (great for shopping lists too!)

Grid View - See everyone in a Google Meet

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