Using Google Meet

Support for Learners, Parents and Carers

Link to guide for classroom or email to parents (Primary)

Accessing a Google Meet from Google Classroom.webm

Google Meet Support for Staff 

Setting up your Google Classroom for a Google Meet lesson or meeting

Use the link generated in Classroom to meet with pupils

Creating a new Google Meet .webm

Suitable for secondary staff

Teacher accessing Google Meet.mp4

Suitable for primary staff

Now arrange a time to meet with your class through Classroom.

Staying safe with Google Meet

GW Meeting Restrictions.mp4

Staying safe with Google Meet

By Graeme Watson

Recording and presenting in a Google Meet lesson or meeting

Recording and sharing documents etc. in Google Meet.webm

How to record and present information in a lesson or meeting

Posting a Google Meet recording to Classroom.webm

How to access and use a recording of your lesson or meeting

When a teacher records a meeting the video of the person speaking is recorded whether that is a pupil or teacher. If a pupil has their mic muted then their video is not recorded even if their camera is turned on . Remember if a teacher or a pupil has their camera turned off, only their icon will show on the video and the recording. 

Moving your Google Meet recordings onto Google Classroom

Google Meet to Google Classroom (recordings).webm

Allow pupils to catch up on any learning that took place after the Google Meet has finished by moving the recording from your Google Drive to Google Classroom.

By Danny Smith

Trimming Google Meet Recordings using Windows 10

Using Windows 10 to trim a video.mp4

Trimming a video to remove the parts you don't want is straightforward in Windows 10 (your school laptop). This video explainer will guide your through the process.

Getting the most out of Google Meet with classes

see everyone at once.webm

See everyone in your class at once by using the Change Layout function

See yourself alongside everybody else.webm

Pin yourself to the screen so that you can see yourself and the class at once 

presenting and seeing pupils at the same time in Google Meet.mp4

See your pupils whilst presenting your screen to them

make the most of your Chromebook screen.webm

Chromebook users can resize windows to see more than one window e.g. Google Meet and a presentation

Preventing full screen presentations.mp4

Prevent PowerPoint or Google Slides from taking over your screen when presenting


If you're using the Classroom app you can turn off notifications if you're being overwhelmed.

Scheduling a Meeting with Parents and Other Guests using Google Meet

Use a Google Classroom Meet Link  for Children and Young People

Scheduling a Google Meet videoconfernece.mp4

How to schedule a Google meet event using Google Calendar

Accessing a scheduled Google Meet video confernece.webm

How to access your scheduled Google Meet event

A Meet link generated through a Google Calendar event will grant access to anyone, including external guests (non- participants), at the arranged time i.e. you added them as guests in Google Calendar. 

By inviting them through Calendar you have given them 'permission' to join the meeting at any time. You will not need to 'allow' them to join the meeting. 

Setting up a Google Meet Live Stream

Google Meet Livestream.mp4

This video will show you how to schedule a live stream

how to access livestream.mp4

Once you're into the Google Meet it's simple to turn on the live stream

New features in Google Meet

Using breakout rooms in Google Meet

Q&A function in Google Meet